10 Tips on Managing KPR Administration

Finally completed also the process of cheap housing loan on web perumnas that takes energy, cost and time about the last 2-3 months record every detail of the process that I live in the process of buying this house. I hope this experience can be a useful tacit knowledge for colleagues everywhere. Because I had too many things to record, I split into two articles, the first one I titled 10 Tips for Buying a Home in a Housing Complex, and the second one titled 10 Tips on Managing KPR Administration. Actually, before these last two articles, I also discussed the review process of the house, especially the one I aimed at the Cibubur area. Hopefully, these three series of articles are useful to colleagues all who happen to be confused and hesitant to buy a house, especially in the housing complex.
Conduct a detailed survey of the housing we will buy. Surveys can be done either through the Internet or field surveys. Make comparisons, scoring, and analysis based on the parameters and specifications of the house we want.
The home selection itself can use some parameters, such as below. Or it could be a more complete parameter as I wrote in an article called Rumah Ideal in Jabodetabek: Review of Cibubur Area.
Position inside or outside the cluster. For young families who still have small children, the choice of housing within the cluster is easier in child management. Inside the cluster is also relatively safer because there is usually a cluster security guard that keeps the in and out of cars and goods.
Proximity to the park
Direction facing the house (east, south, west, north). Remember the sun rises from the east and sinks in the west. Adjust whether we want to get the sun in the morning or afternoon, as well as the sun from the front, back, right or left side of our house.
Position on hook excess land or not. The availability of the rest of the land and the location of the house on the hook (baseboards) allows us to easily renovate the house. The consequence is that the price is relatively more expensive
Go to the marketing (marketing) housing and ask for the home information from which we buy in more detail. Ask the housing marketing to drive you directly to the location or cluster you choose. Interview neighbor around or security guard if there is still information we need.
Status of the house there is two: ready to live and indent. For a house that status “ready habitation”, usually we can immediately see the house we want to buy. Most of the housing uses an “indent” model, so we can only choose the location of the sitemap image, and we have to wait 8-24 months for the credit agreement for the house building process.