5 Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality

You don’t need fancy humidifiers to purify the air in your home or office building. You just need to transplant some things from your garden! If you’re ready to improve your indoor air quality, here are just five leafy greens that can get the job done.

1. Spider Plants

Despite their name, there’s nothing scary about spider plants. In fact, they can be great additions to your office corner. They’ll thrive with minimal attention, and they’ll also work on purifying the irritants that are emitted from things like wall paint and chemical cleaners.

2. Garden Mums

Garden mums are one of the best plants for indoor air quality. Not only are they cheap to buy and maintain, but they’re also efficient at stripping all kinds of toxins from the air. Whether you’re concerned about ammonia, benzene, xylene or formaldehyde, garden mums can get rid of it.

3. Peace Lilies

If you like sweet, floral scents, consider putting a peace lily in your window. In addition to covering up the smell and toxicity of things like ammonia, they’ll also emit their own fragrance. This makes them ideal as both an air purifier and an air freshener.

4. Bamboo

You’ve heard of bamboo floors and bamboo blinds. Why not put an actual bamboo plant in your office? It’ll help to clear the air in a quiet, unobtrusive way, and it will require almost zero maintenance on your part. It’s ideal for busy professionals who don’t have a naturally green thumb.

5. Ficus

The ficus tree will tackle a lot of scary-sounding toxins, including formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. It will also be quite easy to grow as an indoor species. It won’t get too tall, so you won’t have to worry about it brushing the ceiling, but it will still look impressive as it towers over your desk.

These are just a few plants that can improve your indoor air quality. You might also want to look into something like Donaldson compressed air filters. With a one-two punch of purification, no one will be coughing or sneezing from dirt, dust or pollen!