5 Common Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

Many homeowners are faced with various plumbing problems due to lack of regular maintenance. Some also choose to fix the problem themselves that when it reoccurs will result in paying more for repairs. It is essential to call a professional when plumbing problems occur to minimize undesirable situations. Find out about common mistakes that homeowners make that can put their plumbing systems at risk:

  1. Quick Fixes

When you are in a rush as your plumbing is not working as it should, turning to quick fixes is often the easiest thing to do. However, a plumbing job should be left to an expert for you to get the desired result. When you rush a plumbing job, you cannot expect to get pleasant results. This is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make.

Even if it is a simple plumbing problem, you still need to have it fixed by a professional to make sure that the problem has been properly dealt with. There are steps that you might have missed if you are in a hurry to fixing the job. Only a professional plumber can perform a thorough inspection and make sure that the problem has been successfully repaired.

  1. Improper installation

Whether you are replacing a sink or toilet, a manufacturer’s manual is not enough to guarantee that you will be able to fix the problem on your own. You need to get into all the details so your toilet or sink will function as it should. When you miss even the smallest of details, the appearance or function of your plumbing project will not turn out as you have expected.

By calling a plumber who knows about repairs and installation, you can be sure that the job will be done successfully. When you use the service of a professional plumber, not only will you prevent costly repairs but also be assured that the installation was correctly done.

  1. Not winterizing your plumbing

Before winter, you need to prepare your plumbing to make sure that frozen pipes will not burst. This happens when you leave your hose connected. As part of maintenance during winter, you need to make sure that your garden hose has been disconnected. You should also turn off any water that supplies the outdoor spigots. It is easy for frozen pipes to burst because the water expands once it freezes.

Pipes are not designed to handle such swelling. Once water pipes burst, it can flood your basement and cause serious damage to your belongings. Floods can also damage your walls and floors. If you have not immediately discovered the problem during the night, you will be faced with costly problems, especially if leaks start to occur within your walls or flooring. If not addressed, the damage can even become greater. Make it a point to disconnect your outdoor plumbing during winter. Do it before the pipes freeze.

  1. Incorrect pipe sizes and shapes

The problem with DIY plumbing is that you will never know whether or not you are doing things correctly. Professional plumbers have undergone extensive training to make sure that installation and repairs are done properly. When you fail to pay attention to the material of the pipe, there is a great chance that you will get its size and shape wrong. Proper sealing will only be possible if two pipes fit perfectly.

Even though the pipes hold together, it does not necessarily mean that they are correctly fitted. Professional plumbers know the correct measurement and materials that will be used, so two pipes fit perfectly. Another mistake that you might be making is connecting a metal pipe to a copper pipe. These two different materials will react to each other and will lead to leaks because of corrosion. These materials must be connected using pipes made from brass materials or other compatible fittings.

  1. Too much of drain cleaner

Drain cleaners are heavy duty, and while they are intended for removing clogs and keeping your drains clear, the fact that they contain harsh chemicals should serve as a warning to homeowners. Drain cleaners should not be used daily even if you have a persistent clog. Drain cleaner can eat away your pipes whether it is made of PVC or metal. If your sink or toilet drain clogs, you should call a plumber to address the problem as drain cleaner will not do the trick.

Clogs might be due to an underlying problem in the pipe that requires a thorough inspection. You need a specialized tool to dig deeper into the issue. An Arlington plumber has advanced snake tools that can adequately detect the problem.