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Types of Whiskey Glass to Enhance Drinking Experience

Did you know that you can improve your whiskey drinking experience by using the right glass for the kind of whiskey that you like? The same applies to drinking whiskey, and you will only have the best experience from the right glass. Each glass has features that make it appropriate for every type of whiskey. Here is a look at the various types of whiskey glasses.

Tumbler – This is the most commonly used type of whiskey glass, and you have probably come across it if you are not familiar with other glasses. It is the most commonly used glass for drinking whiskey, and many people are acquainted with it. You can also use it take other drinks. Its main advantage is that it is easy to hold. It also has enough space to accommodate your drink and a few ice cubes thus it is an important piece that you must have in your cabinet.

Snifter – These glasses are meant for brandy, but they can also be used in taking whiskey. Whiskey has a pleasant aroma, and this glass becomes special in that it can collect the smell close to your nose so that you feel it as you drink. Compared to tumblers, they are not as heavy, but some of the have weight at the base to enhance stability.

Glencairn – You will notice that this glass has the features of both tumbler and snifter. This glass has been in use for an extended period, and most drinkers attach a lot of value to it. It has a tulip shape and looks beautiful when it holds whiskey. It has a curved surface which enhances the view of the whiskey in it such that the user can gauge the quality of the drink by looking at the texture, color and see any impurities that may be in it. The smell of the whiskey does not just escape into the air because the glass has a narrow top which collects it so that you get a strong smell.

Copita – True whiskey fanatics usually refer to this glass as dock glass because it has a long history. What makes this type of glass unique is that it has a stem, unlike other whiskey glasses. The stem serves as the handle so that you do not bring your hands close to the mouth as you enjoy your drink. You will notice that it has few similarities to Glencairn and snifter.

Rocking – The rocking glasses are quite similar to tumblers except that they have curved bottom. They are rocking glasses because they do not rest on the table but rock back and forth gently. Some whiskey lovers prefer the glasses due to their rocking nature while other like how they fit in the hands.

You can count on these glasses to enjoy your favorite whiskey. Knowledge on these whiskey glasses is essential for any whiskey fanatic. As a hobby, you can have a collection of these glasses in your cabinet.