Adding Details To The Pavilion

A gazebo or pavilion in your backyard offers numerous benefits and can be arranged in a variety of ways based on the other components in your yard. You can use the pavilion for shelter if it’s rainy or if you don’t want to be in the direct sunshine while you’re enjoying time outside with family and friends. Another benefit is that a wood pavilion adds appeal to your yard and can sometimes increase the value if it’s designed properly.

An advantage of a pavilion made of wood is that you can customize it a bit easier than one made of other materials. You can paint or stain the wood or hang lights and flowers along the perimeter. A bench of any design is a nice addition to any kind of pavilion. A round bench with a fountain in the center and a fan above the bench is an idea to consider if you spend a lot of time outside or if you have guests over so that you can go outside instead of staying indoors. If you have a pool, then place the pavilion near the pool area with lounge chairs and a small table for drinks and other items that you use while outside. You could place the pavilion so that it sits right over the water, making it easy to get in and out when you want to dry off or take a few laps around the pool.

Create a beautiful oasis in your backyard by painting the pavilion green and installing a ceiling fan and light in the center. Use wicker chairs and cushions that blend with the paint for a relaxing outdoor entertainment area or just a place where you can sit and listen to the sounds of nature. Another option would be to create an area with a grill, a bar for drinks, and a long table with chairs if you entertain on a regular basis.