Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Evaporator Coil Leak


Your air conditioning unit have various parts and these are the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and an evaporator.All these components have to work properly and efficiently in order for the entire air conditioning system to perform at its best. If one of the components will breakdown or malfunction, the entire AC system will likely be affected. Evaporator coil is installed within the indoor air handler and it is one of the most important parts of the AC system.

One of the most common problems that occur in AC unit is the evaporator coil leak. Evaporator coil leak can cause simple problem like poor cooling performance to major component breakdown that would require major repair. Expert air conditioning repairs Perth can easily identify the cause of the evaporator coil leak by doing a test. If the test would reveal that there is insufficient refrigerant in the AC system, there might be something wrong with your evaporator coil.

If the test on air conditioning unit revealed that it has low refrigerant, the most likely culprit is the evaporator coil leak.A well-maintained and properly sealed air conditioning system will normallydo not require refrigerant refill even after a decade of usage. Giving your AC a refrigerant refill is just a temporary remedy, but normally it won’t last until the end of the summer, regardless the leak is small or large.

So, what is the possible reason why the evaporator coil leaks?Identifying theprobablecauses of evaporator coil leaks is normally anuncomplicatedprocedure. Even by just a visual inspection an experienced air conditioning repair technician can detect the leak. They may also use the latest leak detection technology to assess the problem more thoroughly.

Indoor and outdoor coils are mostly comprised of copper tubing. These copper tubing normal have screw-type connections or brazed joints. If you are experiencing low refrigerant soon after the installation of your AC unit, the probable cause is the loose connections or faulty welds. However, if the leak occurs after several years of usage the mostly likely cause is the decay of copper tubing located inside the coil. 95{34b40df61de2eaa28769bfb7e566f6bba0de920c82867d6df237dff73671a8f0} of evaporator coil leaks happen because of the decay of copper tubing.

The most effective way to prevent degradation of copper tubing is to have a routine check-up with a professional AC repair technician. Aprofessional AC repair technician can clean the sealed evaporator coil with solutions formulated to neutralize formic acid. They can also remove the accumulated dust and dirt usually cause the evaporator coil corrosion. A clean coil also reduces the stress on coil tubing which makes your coil last longer.