Caring For Your Garage Door

A garage door plays a key role in protecting contents stored inside of a garage. If it fails to work, valuable items and automobiles will be left exposed to outside elements. Superior Garage Doors suggests following these tips to avoid mishaps through a regular maintenance schedule.

 A person should inspect their garage door at least once a month. Garage door rollers, pulleys, springs and other hardware can break and will show wear over time. If these garage door parts look like they are almost worn out, they should be replaced. Irregular noises can often be a clue that something is wrong with the system. If a person hears screeching or other nasty noises, a garage door repair Duluth GA business should be contacted.

 Every six months, it is a good idea to lubricate different areas of the overall mechanism. Rollers, hinges and tracks will require small amounts of lubricant. Hardware should also be tightened up at this time. This is especially true if the door is frequently used each day. Vibration and movement tend to loosen hardware, but this can quickly be resolved by using a socket wrench or contacting a garage door company Atlanta representative to remedy the problem.

 Weatherstripping is another area that needs to be examined. It is an important component as it keeps cold winds and dirt from entering a garage. Over time, it can become cracked and brittle. Most hardware stores carry weatherstripping, but it does take some time to replace. If time is not available, a garage door installation Atlanta business has the expertise and knowledge to replace this crucial element.