How to Build a Fun Backyard for Your Kids and Their Friends This Summer

Summertime presents a prime opportunity for kiddos to invite their friends over and have all-day fun in the backyard. If you anticipate a slew of kiddos to come over and entertain your little one this summer, consider building a fun backyard where they can play and lounge from sun up to sun down.

Bury a Trampoline or Two

You might have never considered this—but burying the base of a trampoline provides a safe, ground-based bounce space for your kids and their friends. You can get holes professionally dug to implant a trampoline or two. Or, go DIY with a shovel and some patience.

Go Classic with a BIG Wooden Playground with a Sandbox, Picnic Area, and Tire Swings

If kiddos swarm your backyard in the summertime, give them a huge play place with a classic, weather-proof wooden playground. Throw in a sandbox and picnic area for relaxing fun. Perhaps a hang-out deck with plank floors. And, if you have a tree to spare, tire swings add an element of nostalgia.

Build a Fairy Garden in a Maze Design with Replanted Flowers

Replanted here means beginning your flowers in pots until you get a fairy garden maze design mapped out. Blueprint a kid-friendly maze, where kiddos can wander through a “magical” atmosphere of fantasy creature statues, like dragons, fairies, and toadstools. The flowers add a touch of sweetness and color. This is a great idea for toddlers, as their senses are on high alert from 18-months old and up.

Throw Down a Tarp with a Sprinkler for an Instant Slip-and-Slide

Slip and slides were THE summertime toys in the 80s and 90s, and you can still find them at mega retail stores. However, you can also make your own with a huge tarp, a garden hose, and a reliable sprinkler. Teach your kids through demonstration how to take a run and slip and slide to beat the summer heat. It’s as fun as you remember!

Go Traditional with Soccer Nets, a Basketball Hoop, or Kickball Bases

Sports are a big part of summer fun for active kids, so incorporate their favorites into your backyard design. Soccer nets are inexpensive, a basketball hoop could be installed house-side, and kickball bases are perfect for a large open space, like an attached field on your property.