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Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Paint Sprayer If you love wall spraying, one of the materials you may have to buy on a regular basis is a paint sprayer. You will come across a number of paint sprayers in the market. The performance and suitability of the spray guns vary depending on their manufacturers. You can apply five gallons of paint with the smallest handheld sprayer. A professional sprayer can paint even more than one gallon minute. Using an air gun can make your work easier, whether you are painting acoustic ceilings, furniture, crafts or your house. It is important to choose a paint sprayer that will not only address your current needs, but also future ones. 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Paint Sprayer I) Know What You Want Like is expected with any purchase, you should be prepared to pay more if you want a quality air gun. The good thing is that the tool will pay for itself over and over in the years to come. A good quality paint sprayer will be capable of handling various projects you may be undertaking now or in the future.
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ii) Check Specifications of the Sprayer Another important thing to check is the specifications of the sprayer you want to purchase. If you mostly need an air gun for small projects such as spraying fences, shutters and crafts, you will find a handheld cup gun sufficient for your needs. On the flip side, these sprayers will not perform well if you have to spray thicker coatings like waterproofing or elastomeric paints.
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It is also important to find out how much paint the air gun can hold. If you have 20 gallons to paint the exterior of your home, you probably don’t want to buy a small sprayer that only holds 1 quart of paint. iii) How Versatile is the Sprayer? Before buying a paint sprayer, it is important to consider how versatile it is. Here, consider gas – or electric-powered spray guns. The guns are available in a variety of sizes. If you will be painting the exterior of your home, look for a mid-sized tool. The tool will also work perfectly for small projects such as spraying trim, shutters and the doors. Keep in mind that you will have to buy extra spray tips to have different spray patterns and fan widths for various projects. iv) Which Type of Air Gun Should You Buy? The best air spray gun to buy will depend on the type of projects you will be doing. The tools and equipment you currently own should also guide you on the guns to buy. For example, you can buy a conventional air paint gun and hose if you already have an air compressor. The above are four things to keep in mind when looking for a paint sprayer.