Packing Boxes and Where to Find Them

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You’re moving and the portable storage box is on its way. Trouble is, you’re short of packing boxes, what you need to expedite your move. Fortunately, boxes can be found in a number of places and in most cases you won’t have to pay for them. Yes, free moving boxes can help keep your costs down. Here’s where to look and find what you want.

  1. Your storage. Chances are you have a few boxes in your various storage areas, empty or filled with items you no longer want. If that’s the case, clear out the boxes and repurpose them to hold the items you want. As for the items you don’t want, bag them and donate same or give to friends or family.

  1. Liquor stores. Whoever said liquor stores were simply too good to pass up? Well, nobody. The thing is you may not have thought about them as places to look for packing boxes. Such stores are great places to find portioned boxes, where you can safely pack, store, and send your more fragile items. No need to dumpster dive here — ask the manager to save his discards the next time a shipment comes in. Then, plan your next visit to the liquor store accordingly.

  1. Book emporiums. Book stores receive books and lots of them. Books come in special boxes to ensure they’re not crushed en route. Most boxes won’t be reused by the retailer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Obviously, use bookstore boxes to hold your books as well as anything else of size and scope.

  1. Supermarkets and Grocers. Your grocery store receives shipments every day. Especially of green items — vegetables and fruits. Most of the boxes received are not suitable for using again and again, therefore they are usually recycled and hauled off, at great cost to the merchant. In effect, you can do a retailer a favor by visiting the store and asking them for their discards. Cozy up to the manager and remind her how much you value the store as a customer.

  1. Dollar stores. Lots of items are sold in dollars stores, therefore these shops make a great place to ask for boxes. Some shops receive returnable plastic bins, so you won’t get these. But shops that stock household items and kitchenware will have the types of boxes you need to make your move explains Smart Box Moving.

  1. Warehouse clubs. What do BJs, Sam’s Club, and Costco have in common? Well, they’re humongous warehouse clubs and they stock everything you can possibly imagine. That means the variety of boxes these stores get is amazing. They also cut the boxes to allow customers to take them instead of bags, so don’t delay — ask for a selection of boxes before the tops or sides are removed.

  1. Craigslist. What do people do with boxes once they unpack? They look for ways to dispose of them. Some locales make it easy for residents to discard boxes, by having them bundle the boxes and leave them at the curb. Instead of leaving them for pickup, you may find that people are eager to let you have them go free and will post a notice on Craigslist (or Facebook) announcing same.

  1. Freecycle. Over 9 million people use Freecycle, In some cases, you may find ads where people list boxes they want to get rid of. You can also post your own ad to ask people for moving boxes.

Get Moving

As soon as you acquire your first boxes, begin packing those items you won’t need again until after you arrive in your next home. Keep the process going by doing a little at a time and you’ll have the process securely under your control.