Customizing Your Entry Door

Most people do not realize how important their front door is to the look of their home. Odds are the door that is there is the one that was installed on the house when it was built. It may have had a fresh coat of paint as needed, but it is probably just a basic door. Customizing your entry door can provide a look for your home that will surprise you and make you wonder why you waited so long to do so.

Security and Beauty

Of course, you want entrances to your home to be secure. It is possible to have security and beauty when you choose the right door. The door needs to be solid. If you want wood for your entry door, make sure the core is also solid wood. If you decide on a metal door, the interior should be reinforced. Locks are another consideration. Since potential thieves can bend the lock on your door with a car jack, you should have a lock block installed.

You do not have to sacrifice beauty for security. If you want an over sized door, one with windows, sidelights, or something you design, they can be integrated into the door without compromising security. Many people choose windows because they like to see out their front door. However, they do not want people to be able to see in, so they may choose to have the glass etched, frosted, or a film added. One example of a company that provides glass etching west palm beach is Saturno Glass and Mirror Co., Inc.

Curb Appeal

There are a variety of paint and stain colors to choose from, so the door will complement your home and add curb appeal. Your entrance is one of the first things people notice when they pull up to the home. It should be aesthetically pleasing, while reflecting your style. Don’t forget the trim. Most doors have standard trim that does nothing to dress up the entry. A decorative type can make a huge difference.…

Adding Hardwood Floors to Match Existing Ones

You want your home to look its very best. When you already have wood flooring in place, you may decide to expand that area. Rather than replacing all of the wood floors, you can focus on matching hardwood floors. It can give you the look you want without costing you a fortune.

Hardwood Species

Once you identify the species of the existing hardwood, it will make it easier for you to match them to new flooring. For example, once you know the grade of the hardwood and the grains, you can start searching for oak, maple or another type of wood. It will simplify the search and get you closer to what you already have.

Plank Widths

You will want your new flooring to be the same width as the existing planks. Particularly with today’s trends of wider planks, this is a critical component to getting matching floors. It’s a simple process, too. Simply measure the width of the plank. This way, you can tell the flooring company what it is that you need.


Colors can be the hardest part of matching hardwood floors. The good news is that there are various stains that can be used to get you as close as possible. By bringing in a professional, they can bring a selection of samples. This will allow them to make a visual comparison between the old and the new.

The good news is that you’re able to keep as much of your existing floors as you want. Adding new hardwood can be matched as closely as possible, though it will never be an exact much, mostly due to wear and tear. Transition strips can be used, too, allowing you to have different flooring for different rooms. Speak to a flooring professional to discuss all of your options.…

Homeowners Want Stylish Upgrades that Save Money

If you’re shopping for a new house or condo, it’s important to find a home with recent upgrades that provide energy-efficiency, convenience, and style. Although old homes may offer charm and unique architectural elements, they often lack in upgrades that provide home energy savings, added convenience, and design appeal.

Purchasing a new home is a major decision and a big investment. Purchasing a new home with no upgrades can be an investment that you may regret. Although a home’s appearance may not agree with your design style, cosmetic changes are easier and more affordable to make over time. However, a home with its original roof and siding, windows, HVAC system, wiring, plumbing, and appliances can cost you a fortune in ongoing repairs. When a home’s original features have never been upgraded, you can experience a variety of problems that will impact your monthly budget and expenses.

Energy Efficiency

Buying a new home with a damaged roof or siding, drafty windows, a faulty heating and air conditioning system, old galvanized plumbing, and original wiring can rob you of energy efficiency and savings. Energy-efficient roofing and siding, windows and doors, HVAC systems, toilets and faucets, lighting, and appliances can save you a lot of money each year and make you more comfortable in your home year-round.


A home with advanced technologies such as Smart Home can add convenience to your daily lifestyle. Smart Home technology can link a variety of operating systems for heating, cooling, lighting, security, and audio and video with the touch of a button or a voice activated command. Imagine the added convenience of turning on your lights, locking your doors and windows, turning on the alarm, and turning down the heat all at once.


You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and bathroom, so you want these areas to reflect current design trends and updated style, as well as convenient features. Upgrading with kitchen and bathroom remodeling lake county il can turn an old, drab kitchen or bathroom with dim lighting and leaky faucets into a updated space with modern, energy-efficient features and spectacular design appeal.…

5 Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality

You don’t need fancy humidifiers to purify the air in your home or office building. You just need to transplant some things from your garden! If you’re ready to improve your indoor air quality, here are just five leafy greens that can get the job done.

1. Spider Plants

Despite their name, there’s nothing scary about spider plants. In fact, they can be great additions to your office corner. They’ll thrive with minimal attention, and they’ll also work on purifying the irritants that are emitted from things like wall paint and chemical cleaners.

2. Garden Mums

Garden mums are one of the best plants for indoor air quality. Not only are they cheap to buy and maintain, but they’re also efficient at stripping all kinds of toxins from the air. Whether you’re concerned about ammonia, benzene, xylene or formaldehyde, garden mums can get rid of it.

3. Peace Lilies

If you like sweet, floral scents, consider putting a peace lily in your window. In addition to covering up the smell and toxicity of things like ammonia, they’ll also emit their own fragrance. This makes them ideal as both an air purifier and an air freshener.

4. Bamboo

You’ve heard of bamboo floors and bamboo blinds. Why not put an actual bamboo plant in your office? It’ll help to clear the air in a quiet, unobtrusive way, and it will require almost zero maintenance on your part. It’s ideal for busy professionals who don’t have a naturally green thumb.

5. Ficus

The ficus tree will tackle a lot of scary-sounding toxins, including formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. It will also be quite easy to grow as an indoor species. It won’t get too tall, so you won’t have to worry about it brushing the ceiling, but it will still look impressive as it towers over your desk.

These are just a few plants that can improve your indoor air quality. You might also want to look into something like Donaldson compressed air filters. With a one-two punch of purification, no one will be coughing or sneezing from dirt, dust or pollen!…

Adhering to Important Safety Codes

As a property owner, you may be required by law to install and maintain fire prevention fixtures on your property or in your building. If you neglect to install these systems or fail to keep them in good working order, you could fail government inspections and incur expensive fines.

However, you may not know how to keep these systems up and running or install new ones as needed. By hiring a company for maintenance, repair, and fire suppression system inspection california business owners like you could avoid costly fines or possibly being put out of business entirely by code enforcers.

Installing New Systems

If your premises lack one of these systems or the one you have now is starting to malfunction, you need to get a new fire prevention system installed right away. Depending on how large your property is, you may need to invest in and install a system that includes a hydrant, smoke detectors, indoor ceiling sprinkler systems, and much more. The work involved in putting in the system can be more than you are equipped to handle on your own.

The company you can hire today has staff who are trained to install and test these types of systems. They can evaluate your property and determine where to install it. Once it is installed, they can test it make sure it works properly.

Inspection of Existing Systems

When you are confident your current system works as it should, you can make sure by hiring the company to come to your business and inspect it for you. The staff can check the sprinklers to make sure they will turn on if there is a fire. They also will check the alarms to make sure they will go off when a fire breaks out.

If you have a hydrant on your property, the company can likewise make sure it will work as needed in case of a fire. If anything needs to be replaced or repaired, the company can handle these tasks for you as well. They can restore the fire prevention system’s proper function.…