Patio Umbrella Base Wisdom

Most all parasols in use today require the use of some type of system to anchor them to the ground, wall, or fence etc. There are a variety of different products that are available to assist the consumer in providing a stable support for their offest patio umbrella. The materials used in the construction of the bases ranges from plastic to resin, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Frames with a middle pole don’t usually come with the base included. When deciding which support to use, the consumer is going to want to consider whether they are going to place the umbrella in a table or whether they want to use it as a free standing entity. When placing the shade structure through a hole in the center of the table, you will need to take into consideration the construction of the table and the space available on the ground below it where you would place the weighted base. The weight and size of the table will also be important.

Generally speaking, a consumer would be ill advised to rely on the heft of the weight that they use to support the parasol, in all conditions. It is wise to use a support that will provide sufficient stability in the conditions that are generally experienced in the area where it will be used. By this, I refer to the intensity of the winds prevalent in the area in the periods that the shade product is exposed to the elements. It is easy for complacency to set in when a user is comfortable that the weight is sufficient to hold the unit in all wind conditions. The problem arises that a parasols biggest enemy is wind. When designing umbrella frames, manufacturers have to combine aesthetics with ease of use and resilience. This requirement generally results in a product that will withstand most light winds but nothing much stronger. By their nature, the ribs of the framework are even more easily affected by the wind, so it is always recommended to store the umbrella indoors when not in use and at the very least to close the covering when not present in the area.

Wall mounted coverings generally are supplied with a support which is bolted to the surface of the wall where the frame is to be located. The supports require that they be installed in a perfectly vertical position so a level movement of the frame is attained. Good attention to a secure attachment is important. A good quality wall mounted bracket allows for the location of the attached frame to be moved around and or removed to protect the canopy and frame from the elements.

It is only in the higher quality products that you will find options available for mounting the umbrella to a Spa or to the deck itself. Deck-mount bases are available in configurations that allow for the patio umbrella bases to be built into the deck in a permanent location or to be bolted to the deck surface when adding the shade after the deck construction. Most deck mount patio umbrellas bases allow for full rotation of the shade.