Realtor Tips for Selling a House in a Buyer’s Market


If you are trying to sell your house in a buyer’s market, then your house in one of hundreds available to a much smaller potential buyer pool. With so many houses in inventory, these buyers can take their time and look at as many houses as they like while waiting out the sellers to drop their prices. Here is how your listing agent will help to move your house fast when the buyers have the edge this year.

Increasing the House’s Curb Appeal

With so many houses for buyers to consider, it really becomes a challenge to stand out from the crowd, especially when all the houses in a small area look the same. Your real estate agent is going to tell you how you can increase the curb appeal to give the buyers that vision of the house with the white picket fence. Start by getting a crew to the house to handle the landscaping, while you hire handymen to make any repairs or touch up the paint on the exterior.

Hire a pressure washing crew to make the driveway, sidewalk, and fence, all look like new again. The newer the exterior looks, the better chance these potential buyers will want to see the inside.

Creating an Emotional Connection With Buyers

Your Realtor will give you tips on creating an emotional connection with a buyer so they remember the house in their minds long after they leave the showing appointment. Start by removing as much clutter from inside and getting it to storage. Take down all the family pictures and replace with neutral decor to eliminate your family from their eyes so they can envision their own families.

The goal here is getting the inside of your hose as close to looking like a model house as possible, allowing all buyers to get the feeling that this could, in fact, be a house they move into right away.

Sprinkle in a Few Incentives for the Buyer

One of the ways to really get a potential buyer excited about your house is to offer some incentives if they close quickly. If you are in the position, offer to buy a pint to help lower their interest rate, or help pay for some of the closing costs if they can get the deal done in the next few months.

If you are not in that position, look to add in some of the house amenities into the deal. Things like the washer and dryer, kitchen table, or dining room set, can really help a first-time buyer lessen their initial expenses. Contact the sell my house fast representative when all else fails and get an offer for cash today.

When you are working with a professional local real estate agent, trust that they will draw on the experience of their brokerage and their personal experience to get the house sold as fast as possible. Trusting your listing agent will lessen the chances the house sits stale on the market as the buyers try to wait you out.