Senior Citizen Moving Tips

When the time comes to help move your parents into a retirement community, the best advice is to plan ahead. The more time you can leave yourself and your parents or the senior citizen in your life, to prepare for the move, the easier the process will be for everyone involved.

Get The Movers Involved From The Beginning

One of the best things you can do once you know your parents are going to need help moving is to contact a reputable moving company, like Attention 2 Detail Moving. This allows the moving company to have ample time to help you plan for the big day. Most moving companies offer free moving quotes. Not all moving jobs are the same, some will take more time and effort than others.

Once you have picked a moving company, get the movers involved early. For many families it take a day to pack everything and a day to move everything, this is not always the case with seniors. Because some seniors have lived in the same house for years, they tend to have more items. Be sure the moving company has everything planned out and in detail on what they are looking to achieve in the move. A good detailed plan helps for a smooth effortless move.

If you are going to have the movers handle the packing, they can make sure they have enough boxes and packing materials for the task at hand. Many moving companies will offer full service, white glove moving. Which includes packing, moving and unpacking which might be the best options for seniors. A reputable moving company will have years of experience and know exactly how to pack a home. They will take count of what items are in what boxes, so you don’t have to go searching through boxes to find things. Leave the hard work to the professionals.

Find Local Storage Units

Once your parents have settled on where they want to move and have begun packing, find a storage center near the new location that can hold keepsakes and family heirlooms prior to the move. It doesn’t matter how good the moving company is that you hire; your parents will not be willing to risk anything happening to their keepsakes. If the moving company you hired has storage units, this may also be a viable option as it allows quick delivery of the unit to the residence whenever it is needed.

Many times when moving senior citizens you are also down sizing. When you first move your parents be sure to move the important things first. Beds, chairs and any other homely items are a good start, include items you will need right away like clothing, towels and linens. Items like photo books, keepsakes and even old items are sometime best put into storage until the time is ready. Many moving companies offer storage units along with their moving services and are willing to take extra items to storage units.

Make The Move About The Future, Not The Past

When most senior citizens move into a retirement community, they feel as if they are being exiled by their families. While this is obviously not the case, they are going to need some reassurances. Devise a schedule for remaining in contact, such as going out for dinner on a regular basis. Also, talk about the amenities of the community itself and how being around others who share similar interests will help keep them active and having fun. Moving into a retirement community is not the end of their book, it is merely the next chapter.