Start off Your Day the Right Way

Breakfast has been deemed the most important meal of the day; of course, a number of variables have the potential to change the outcome of this equation. A couple jelly filled donuts and an iced latte will easily fill you up and get you off to a great start, but love as sweet as this isn’t meant to last. In two or three hours, you’ll crash, burn and start searching for another pick-me-up to get you through until lunchtime.

Healthier, heartier options are the key to breakfast-based success. Consider, if you will, a nice scramble. Place a pan on the stove and turn on the eye for a moment. Drop a dollop of real butter into the pan and relish in the soul-warming sizzle to ensue. Crack a couple farm fresh eggs over the spreading puddle of butter bubbles to magnify those effects. From that point, the add-ins are completely up to you.

Shredded sharp cheddar cheese is a good place to start. Crumbled pre-cooked bacon could also be your friend. Any number of diced fresh vegetables are eligible to make the cut, such as onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes. Those ingredients have a way of melding with one another while still shining through in their individual glory. The result is a well-rounded meal appealing to your sense of taste as well as smell and capable of quelling a voracious morning appetite.

Using all the elements listed above, you’re looking at around 450 calories. Fat grams need not be brought up to spoil the mood. If you’re willing to leave off the butter, cheese and bacon, about 300 calories and a good bit of the dreaded f-word are immediately eliminated without sacrificing much of the flavor and fulfillment. Regardless, this particular meal is far from being a vegan delight.

Hampton Creek, a vegan company based in California, is dedicated to bringing healthier options to your table. Among those currently in the works is an egg-free breakfast scramble. Although they’re being somewhat secretive about this upcoming offering, it would be plant-based rather than animal per company policy. An informative site about Hampton Creek’s products indicates it may be similar to the liquid eggs now available on store shelves. If so, it would be a perfect foundation for a vegan-friendly breakfast scramble to help you sail through the morning slump unscathed.