Watch Winding Cabinet

It has been said that men’s ties are a lot like women’s shoes. One can never have too many. Using this logic, jewelry can be similarly subjective. Women have placed their expensive accessories in boxes, from the time they were little girls. Images of a dancing ballerina on a spring, playing a sweet melody upon opening come to mind. When it comes to men, there aren’t many images of young boys placing their watches carefully in a box or having the choice of multiple watches for that matter.

After entering the upper echelon of the workforce or exchanging blue jeans for cufflinks, a man may choose to acquire a collection of Haute Horlogerie of his own. There is an endless collection of precision watches to choose from, differing in fashion and function. Swiss watches are at the top of the list with a long history of horology (the high art of watchmaking).

Around the middle 16th century, wearing jewels was banned. Goldsmiths and other jewelers needed to focus on a different avenue for their livelihoods, so they turned to watchmaking. The Guild of Geneva was formed, and Swiss watchmaking made its transition into an industry. It is still one of the largest exports from Switzerland.
Swiss timepieces are not only known for their craftsmanship and elegance, they are most admired for their precision. Following in the tradition of the atomic clock, Swiss watches were given chronometer testing. An official certificate was given with each timepiece. Rolex, Breitling, and Omega are at the top of the list. However, Tag Heuer is closing in the ranks from the mid-size wristwatch category.

Modern automatic watches also follow such tradition. Though there is no official national certificate of precision to be had with some of them, there is a way to keep them accurate. A watch winder cabinet can wind the watch into accuracy by placing it into the cabinet when not in use. The watch winder will simulate human winding and wind the watch to keep precise time. It will not overwind, because automatic watches are designed to prevent it.

Hager was created in America to compete with the import market. There are more here in America, following suit. With so many elegant watches to purchase, it only makes sense to store them in a watch winding cabinet. Expensive watches are an asset. Depending on the number of automatic watches already in a collection, or projected to be in a collection, a watch winding cabinet is a smart investment. Not only does it keep each timepiece accurate, it acts as a safe using very low voltage. Watch winding cabinets can be installed in a closet or safe room, connected to Wi-Fi, and thermometer and barometer settings can be programmed.

Customization is available for the individual timepieces in the collection. Women’s jewelry has been safely stored for years. It’s time that men claimed an equal share in the value of theirs. Whether a person is very wealthy or likes to dress like it, a watch winding safe is worth the purchase.