You Can Spruce Up Your Home’s Feel, Appeal, and Functionality

Maintaining the value, condition, and curb appeal of your home can be done through home improvement tasks. Unfortunately, most home improvement jobs require expensive materials and tools, lots of elbow grease, and existing know-how and expertise. There are several relatively quick and painless DIY home maintenance and improvement projects one can take on. However, getting started is often the most difficult part: deciding on what jobs your home would most benefit from. Below are several home improvement ideas that can performed without extensive, prior knowledge, expensive tools, and hours, if not days of leisure time from homeowners.

Add gravel to indoor and outdoor areas

There are many types of visually-appealing gravel available in all parts of the United States. Homeowners can even import in beautiful rocks from other ares to make their homes look more attractive. Consider placing pretty, precious stones in bowls on tables and in glass cases around your home. Create a driveway from beautiful rocks to boost curb appeal as well as comfortability at your living space. It can even be added to flower beds and mulched areas to add a unique twist to traditional flower beds.

Pressure washing

Concrete, asphalt, tiles, vinyl siding, and other materials can be provided new breaths of life by pressure washing them. You can rent a pressure washer from a nearby home improvement store if you don’t already have one, although purchasing one would likely be a good long-term investment. Simply plug the machine in to a power and water supply to begin cleaning up dirty, outdated surfaces caked with dead organic matter, dirt, and grease.

Pest control

Insects, arachnids, other bugs, rodents, and all sorts of nuisance-causing pests can invade a home, or at least make it uncomfortable to know there’s unwanted organismic intruders nearby. Some sprays, poisons, and traps are dangerous to people if exposed, causing many homeowners to hire a professional best control expert to fortify their home and property. Those in the Northeast United States often have problems with pests, more so than many other areas. One can learn more about pest control in New England here.

Seal cracks around windows with caulk and weather-strips

Average monthly electricity bills in the United States range from $78 to $188. Most of these amounts are taken up by heating and cooling expenses. Hold a lighter to cracks around windows to see if unwanted air is flowing in or out of them. Seal them shut with caulk or weather-strips, both of which are affordable and found at local home improvement stores. These will increase comfort at home and likely slice down electric bills.

Drain water and sediment out of water heaters

Traditional water heaters feature a large tank in which water is kept warm constantly. When sediment from raw water sources gets caught in water heaters, it may raise electric bills. Turn the power off to your water heater and disconnect the drain hose at the bottom to release all water — and hopefully sediment, too — from your trusty water heater.